Posted on 3th June 2020

I've spent yesterday afternoon and this morning attending the TALMO conference, from the comfort of my home office, via Zoom. The extremely efficient organisers have already got many of the presentations uploaded to YouTube.

Some links which I made during the talks:

  • OBS Virtualcam : OBS is a great (free) screen recorder which allows e.g. composing different inputs (so overlaying a webcam image at an arbitrary place in a screen capture of just one window). The "Virtualcam" is an output which fakes up a new webcam on your system, hence allowing you to pipe the OBS output into any application which uses a webcam.
  • Accessibility talk slides : This has been rumbling away in the background, but an unhappy confluence of a looming deadline just as we add more things online makes it more important. Particularly discussed was Bookdown. Perhaps it is time to move all my lecture notes to a new format. But it's the input of time required, and a new toolchain to learn...
  • Xournal++ (a fork of Xournal into C++ I think leads to the title) is a FOSS PDF annotator that supports LaTeX. Next time I am marking work I will investigate this.
  • There was a question asking about Tablets. Suggestions included Wacom tablets, and those by xp-pen
  • Videos to help students adapt from A-Levels which is especially important this year, as most students will have missed the end of their A-Level studies. There was some talk that the AMSP would be doing something, but I couldn't find much (at a brief glance).

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