Mathematical notes

Posted on 6th October 2019

Some while ago, I started an experiment of putting some Mathematical notes up on GitHub. I'm publishing the LaTeX sources, and using LaTex.Online to compile the LaTeX source to PDF for online viewing. This was motivated by:

  • I rather enjoy writing research-level expositions.
  • I quite often come across things in my research which I want to understand closely, and for which writing out somewhat formal notes is not a massive misuse of time.
  • However, the result is not actual research, and probably wouldn't even be suitable for the arXiv.
  • Furthermore, one can imagine wanting to add to these notes as time goes on, and arXiv is not designed for this (indeed, my feeling is that this is discouraged, though with a quick search I could not find evidence to substantiate this). Of course, GitHub very much is (and, in a dream world, maybe other people could submit "issues", and pull requests, etc.)

For now, there is just one file, some notes about the Fell Topology (on the space of representations of a \( C^* \)-algebra or locally compact group).

[I found to be a very nice service; but it doesn't seem to like spaces in URLs.]

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